Season1/Ep. 19- " JACOB CABLE IS BACK ". After a Canadian Kink BMX trips he's back to film for our project! You've seen this spot before, you know everything has already been filmed on it, but you also know there is so much more that is possible. Click play to find out who fought the ledges for a clip and came out victorious!


Season 1/Ep.17 - "BMX STREET SERIES - SAN DIEGO 2017" In today's adventure we put the video parts on hold to join in the BMX day festivities. Street series only comes once a year so we had to take advantage. This features some sick riding from our usual squad, Jacob Cable, Francis Castro, Crankflipper420 ( Chris Ambrose ), Murray, Sauce, and everyone else who killed it that day! This is shot from our point of view so if you want to go see all the crazy tricks that went down please check out your favorite media site. 


Season1/Ep 15- " BMX SLAMS IN LOS ANGELES! " The title says it all, we ventured out to LA with one hell of a squad including Boyd Hilder, Denim Cox, Justin Schual, Crankflipper, etc. Our goal, as aways: Get clips all day long and finish our video parts. Our outcome: everyone ate shit all day with some sweet clips trickled in. Regardless, it was a fun one.


Season 1/Ep.14 - " Best Spot Ever". In this episode Australian boss Boyd Hilder joins the filming crew to start working on a video part for the next couple of weeks. Our time is short but we are going to see what is possible! In addition to that our South African connect, Murray  Loubser continues to shut down the streets alongside Evan  Bolender and Chris Ambrose. Fun was had, click play!


First off I want to give a big late thanks to WoodWard West for having us stay at their facility. Although it was 11 months ago, this week was still a blast and I can still remember all the good times. Second I wan't to apologize to the crew and our viewers because a LOT of footage got lost, I'm talking rare sh*t. Like Eddie tailwhiping a dirt jump rare. Regardless I hope you enjoy this Common Crew at Woodward West mix featuring Alec Siemon, Julian Arteaga, and Jared Duncan. Sh*t, shout out Sunday Bikes.


Season1/Ep. 10- " THAT HAS GOT TO HURT" In this episode we met up with Justin Schual and his filmer Vix ( @TeamVap1017 ). The plan was to get the last banger for his new video that will be dropping on our channel but things did not go as planned. Regardless we had a great time and Johnny even rolled away with an amazing clip.


Season 1/Ep. 9 - For this episode of thecommondays I spent most the day exploring industrial streets with Denim Cox. Then Johnny Ice (icehole) showed up along side Michael Harkous. Denim took a slam ( I know what you are thinking, " NOT AGAIN ! " ) but got up and handled his clip flawlessly. He even got a second clip to top it all off.