Season1/Ep. 10- " THAT HAS GOT TO HURT" In this episode we met up with Justin Schual and his filmer Vix ( @TeamVap1017 ). The plan was to get the last banger for his new video that will be dropping on our channel but things did not go as planned. Regardless we had a great time and Johnny even rolled away with an amazing clip.


Season 1/Ep. 9 - For this episode of thecommondays I spent most the day exploring industrial streets with Denim Cox. Then Johnny Ice (icehole) showed up along side Michael Harkous. Denim took a slam ( I know what you are thinking, " NOT AGAIN ! " ) but got up and handled his clip flawlessly. He even got a second clip to top it all off.


Season 1/Ep 3: For this episode of thecommondays we put our new shirts to the test. Andy Garcia handled some tech wizardness for his new video which will be out in a few weeks, CrankFlipper did his thang and me and Michael even started working on a new video for what I'm assuming will end up being for one of his sponsors. PS sorry for the poor quality on this one, will resume to normal crispiness in episode 4.


Season 1/Ep 2: After car problems, bike problems, and just about everything else that could get in our way- me and Jacob against all odds. still managed (with the help of Ed) to get our asses into motion and head to downtown HB to continue filming for Jacob's video. Our Cult buddies Grant Germain, Veesh, and Anthony Panza happen to be riding the same school and it made for a fun session. Also shout out Evbo for the steez.