Westminster is by no means densely packed with spots, it's just a neighboring city we would typically drive right through to get on the freeway. But riding around scouring the streets with your pals, being forced to ride all these cutty spots is a nice change of pace. Leave a comment and let us know which city (good or bad) you'd like to see next! 


It's 11am in Santa Monica and I wake up with a half charged phone and a nasty hangover. Although this isn't the ideal way to start a day out filming, with a quick text to Sauce I find a way to meet up and hop in his car to hit Thee Saturday cruise with the PeepGame/Thee Block fellas. I link up with the boys and continue heading north until Julian announces he has to poop. We found a bathroom at the OSS house in Koreatown and ended up missing thee cruise in the process. After some scooter riding in the backyard, we finally made it out for a cruise around the neighborhood and rode some nuts.  -Chris Eiland